BOBBY’S HOMECOMING ADVENTURE is the story of how two best friends, Bobby and Tiffany navigated the difficult deployment season together. When Bobby discovered that Tiffany’s mom was returning home from deployment early, and his dad was not he begun to worry. Despite his fears, Bobby maintained a regular routine that centered around family, church, and friends. Through those relationships, he was able to discover how he could trust God in uncertain times because God loves us enough to know what is best for us and big enough to make it happen.


IT’S A TOOL: We wanted to give parents a tool to use to help their children trust in God. We believe that even at a young age, children can begin to learn to trust in God even when they don’t understand their circumstances. Truth be told, they can probably teach us old folks a thing or two about trusting God. We created “Bobby’s Homecoming Adventure” as an Ebook so parents can pull it out and use it when needed.

IT HELPS START THE CONVERSATION: Throughout the book, we included, “family discussion questions”. These segments are designed to help families have conversations about how to trust in God. Family discussion questions help connect the biblical principles to their life.


“Although written from a military family’s perspective, Bobby’s Homecoming Adventure can certainly be used by any parent to help their child navigate the waters of trusting God in the midst of uncertainty.”

– Brad Flurry –
Discipleship Pastor @ Kingsland Baptist Church 

“Bobby’s Homecoming Adventure is a great tool for parents to help their young child(ten) navigate through the difficult times of a parent being deployed for an extended period of time by trusting in God and His plan. I have not found another book like it!”

– Jennifer Long –
Northside FirstKids Director at


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