Last weekend I had the honor of preaching at our church ( about how grace shapes our parenting. As many of you know, I love every opportunity that I have to preach the Gospel. Although I was excited, I was also extremely nervous. See, sometimes you...


Several years ago, I was in a counseling session with a mom concerning her child’s (age 6)  anxiety and fear struggles. Common to our city, this child’s father deployed several months ago. During the deployment, the child’s anxiety and worry grew as...


A good friend of mine, Nick Blevins had the legendary Matt Mckee on his podcast to discuss his new book, Parent Chat. Matt recently released #parentchat to help equip parents on how to have conversations with their kids about technology. I believe it is important for...


LOCAl SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP PLAN Public and private schools play an important role within our community. For many families, the school systems are a source of hope and encouragement. Many families will turn to the school system for aid before reaching out to a local...


Why it’s valuable to be involved at your child’ school. Are you currently involved at your child’s school? What if one of the most practical ways to show the love of God to our community was by you being involved at your child’s or children’s schools?  If...


WILL YOU COMMIT TO BEING CONSISTENT? A few weeks ago I wrote about why every week matters in the life of a child/student. I received a lot of great feedback supporting #wklyMATTERS. If you missed it, you can catch up by clicking HERE to see why we believe consistency...


Lenny is the grateful husband of Kisha Moore and the father of two incredible boys. For over 15 years Lenny has loved working with the next generation in various environments. The majority of his ministry has been focused on helping teens, leaders and families discover God’s potential for their lives. Lenny has served as a student pastor, family pastor, campus pastor (launched a satellite campus) and small groups interim pastor.

One of Lenny’s passions is to help other’s see their created potential. To help teens, parents and leaders see the potential in themselves that they don’t see in themselves. To help them see God’s potential for their lives.


Since my senior year in high school (2000), I have had a growing passion to share the Gospel with the next generation. When I was a teenager, I constantly struggled to understand how the Gospel applied to my life and how God’s grace was sufficient for me in dealing with my struggles. The truth is, I was not alone with these struggles. Countless teenagers grow up wondering how the love of God is greater than their struggles and circumstances.

I have spent the last 15 years working with the next generation, leading small groups, developing systems, and showing them the beauties of the Gospel. Every week I have the privilege of speaking to hundreds to teenagers – this is the highlight of my week. I love seeing the next generation catch a glimpse of the magnitude of the glory of God! If you would like for me to come and speak to your student ministry, camp, church, or leadership training please fill out the request below.

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