20twenty final

20/twenty was created by a student ministry that wanted to make a difference in their city, where they live, where they worship, where they play and where they serve. The mission of 20/twenty is simple – sell sunglasses and leverage the proceeds to to help the homeless in Jacksonville, NC. 20/twenty exists to provide opportunities for local people to offset local poverty. It has been reported that 23% of the homeless in Jacksonville are veterans and there are more than 500 homeless children in Onslow County. 

Starting in 2014, 20/twenty will be looking for partners to form a long term relationship with in order to offset poverty. Currently the monies that are raised will go to providing new beds and linens for the Onslow Community Outreach. Our goal is to help local organizations be a blessing to those in need. 

So why sunglasses? Over 60% of the nations population wears sun-glasses so why not leverage a product that we all use for a greater good. 20/twenty will be offering multiple styles of glasses at different price ranges for all generations.

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