The day has finally come where we get to share with you, our friends, about the exciting adventure God has been planning for our lives over the course of the last season (but really, perhaps, the last 3 years). But before I tell you, there’s an incredible back story in which God deserves the credit for writing.
Just 3 months ago, after great prayer, consideration and counsel, I choose to resign from my position at FBCJAX. Kisha and I simply waned to be obedient to God’s leading, wherever that calling led us. The journey to that decision had not been easy. But, with confidence, I knew it was the right decision for the passions God had placed in my heart. Trusting God, I stepped away from a community of people that we had done life with and invested in for almost ten years.
It was over the course of those 10 years at FBCJAX that God began stirring and forming a path that I still can’t quite believe I’m on. You see, almost every trip that our family would take to Wilmington or Myrtle Beach would take us right through Hampstead on hwy 17. For almost three years Kisha and I would talk about the amazing work that God is doing through Renovation Church and the friends we have who have been a part of that young church plant. We would often talk about the future impact of Renovation Church on Hampstead and surrounding communities. At that time we were simply champions for Renovation, never imagining that God would allow us to be apart of that very movement we watched take shape and prayed for often.
God is good! As we stepped away from FBCJAX, we decided to attend to Renovation Church for worship and to just recharge. During this season God began opening a door to a new possibility.  Every phone call, meeting, conversation and worship gathering affirmed God’s leading in our lives. And so, after much prayer and conversations (and simply, God moving in ways I can’t explain), we are excited to let you know that on Jan 1, I will be joining the team at Renovation Church (Hampstead, NC) as their Executive Pastor. Kisha, the boys and I could not be more excited about the next season of ministry for our family. I look forward to being a small part of a greater story for the glory of God. We are more confident than ever that this was God’s purpose in stirring our hearts and leading us to Renovation Church.  I can’t thank Pastor Jonathan and the leadership of Renovation Church enough in how you have loved my family and me during this process.
I’m forever thankful for my time at FBCJAX and the friendships that we built as they helped prepare me for the next chapter in which God had been working on in many ways and for many years. Throughout this entire process, Kisha and I have been overwhelmed with God’s goodness to our family. He has been far greater than we deserve.
To our friends and family, we want to say thank you for how you have supported and encouraged our family over the past several months. Continue to keep the prayers coming as the fun is just now beginning!

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