By: Jake Ferguson

Coaching has as many styles as there are coaches.  If the old cliché, “There is more than one way to skin a cat,” has any truth; it has truth in coaching.  It is recognized that coaches will lead and mentor LifeGroup Leaders according to personality, life experience, and unique relationships with God.  The relationships that the coach builds over time with their Leaders and Hosts will pave a way for spiritual growth and biblical fellowship.

What is a Coach and what does a Coach do?  In short, a coach is a leader whose intentional investment in the lives of other leaders encourages them to do and be better; better not just in their leadership role…but better, period.  A Coach calls out the best in a leader.  The relationship between Coach and leader is the engine that God uses to drive the leader to reach their God given purposes.

A coaching relationship is successful when the coach invests in the leader in such a way that the leader feels cared for and able to accomplish the task.  Four things that a Coach must keep in mind when mentoring a LifeGroup Leader and Host:

  1. They EQUIP the leader and host

2. They SERVE the leader and host

3. They SHEPHERD those under their care

4. And they further RECRUIT more leaders and hosts through relational development

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