By: Megan Saurman

Everyone. LifeGroup Leaders included. Coaches teach, train, and encourage others towards a certain direction. If you are a Leader then why do you need someone Coaching you? Because being on top can be lonely, and because as a LifeGroup Leader who doles out constant clarity, encouragement, wisdom and vision to your LifeGroup Members, you equally need someone pouring all those strengths right back into your life. 
As a LifeGroup Leader, should a Coach be your only source of receiving instruction, training and encouragement? No, but they are one of the only sources available that are simply there for you without asking anything in return. Here are 3 ways that you can benefit as a LifeGroup Leader by having a Coach in your corner: 
  • LifeGroup Leaders need to be refreshed on the vision and calling of being a Leader. Honestly, not all days do we as Leaders wake up motivated, not weighed down by life’s circumstances, ready to enthusiastically pour into other people. Coaches are meant to be there when we feel off track to help us continue to press on towards growing others, bring to mind why we live in biblical community, and to pray for us when our lives need some encouragement. Their enthusiasm is contagious on the days we need it most. 
  • Coaches have the playbook. Sometimes even as a Leader you may run into a situation within your LifeGroup where you could use a second opinion, a fresh set of eyes, and a pipeline to church leadership. Coaches are there for you to run situations by, to be confidential and objectionable in tough situations, and to share wisdom on how to handle things that may be out of your comfort zone, they also know when it’s time for church leadership to be advised. 
  • The main priority for a Coach is you. They care about how you are spiritually growing, if you are taking enough Sabbath rest time, they care if you are successful as a LifeGroup Leader, if you have victories throughout the week, and they want to pray for you when struggles arise. Their calling as a Coach isn’t a job, its not a task, you are not on their to-do list, you are their ministry, and they want nothing less than to bless you. 

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