By: Megan Saurman

As LifeGroup Leaders we are discipling our LifeGroup members into growth, a slow purposeful steady incline of spiritual maturity to help them reach a goal of taking the next step into starting a LifeGroup themselves. As we witness to them about what being a LifeGroup Leader looks like we are building momentum with them about what God can do in their lives through community, prayers, daily reading, and serving. In order to reach that goal, we have to be consistently plugging them into the joy & momentum about what taking a step-in faith is all about. You have spent months investing into your LifeGroup so it’s important to not lose what you have gained with them in the busy Summertime shuffle.

So how do we keep the momentum up over the Summer with our LifeGroup? How do we remind them that Summer is also for Next Steps and continuing to keep a steady pace in growing closer to God? Here are a few practical ways to keep the energy high and the momentum building during Summer before our Fall LifeGroups kickoff:

  1. It’s hard to be motivated or have momentum if we are spiritually thirsty. Maintaining a healthy soul is key over the Summer, so check in and make sure they aren’t spiritually parched:
  • Ask them what they are reading daily or what podcasts they have enjoyed over Summer. Share what you have enjoyed.
  • Ask them if they have plugged into other churches while traveling to visit friends and family, if any sermon stood out to them.  Mention any sermon you heard that stood out to you as well.
  • Ask them what their prayers have looked like lately and if you could join with them in praying for a need to be met.

2. Send texts, or post on your LifeGroup Facebook page about what your church is doing over the Summer. Ask them if they plan on attending the events that church is asking our community to volunteer for or participate in. See if they would like to meet your family there to catch up.


3. As your members take Next Steps (listed below) over the Summer make a big deal celebrating this with your LifeGroup

  • Being baptized
  • Going on a mission trip
  • Attending the Belong class
  • Tithing for the first time
  • Joining a serve team
  • Starting their own LifeGroup in the Fall

Remember, momentum is contagious, and as a LifeGroup Leader it starts with YOU.

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