Several years ago, I was in a counseling session with a mom concerning her child’s (age 6)  anxiety and fear struggles. Common to our city, this child’s father deployed several months ago. During the deployment, the child’s anxiety and worry grew as each month passed that dad was still not home. The mother was looking for ways to help alleviate her daughter’s fears and anxiety. For a couple weeks, we discussed practical ways for their family to practice trusting God. Most of our fears and anxieties center around a trust issue. Towards the end of our session, I asked the mom; “if there was a children’s book that focused on helping children trust in God during uncertain circumstances, would you use it?” From that moment, Kisha and I knew this was something that we wanted to do. This was a small way that we could give back to the families and the city that we love so much.

About a year ago, my wife and I (Kisha) started to create the storyboard for what would become, “Bobby’s Homecoming Adventure”. In it, we tell the story of how two best friends, Bobby and Tiffany navigated the difficult deployment season together. When Bobby discovered that Tiffany’s mom was returing home from deployment early, and his dad was not he begun to worry. Despite his fears, Bobby maintained a regular routine that centered around family, church and frineds. Through those relationships he was able to discover how, he could trust God because, He loves us enough to know what is best for us and big enough to make it happen.

Our book has been heavily influenced by the late Jerry Bridges work, “Trusting God”. Jerry Bridges wrote one of the best works, if not the best works on overcoming fear and anxiety that I have come across. Even our bottom line was influenced by a quote from Bridges. “God in His love always wills what is best for us. In His wisdom He always knows what is best, and in His sovereignty He has the power to bring it about.” 

So why write this children’s book?

IT’S A TOOL: We wanted to give parents a tool to use to help children trust in God. We believe that even at a young age, children can begin to learn to trust in God even when they don’t understand their circumstances. Truth be told, they can probably teach us old folks a thing or two about trusting God. We created “Bobby’s Homecoming Adventure” as an Ebook so parents can pull it out and use it when needed.

STARTS THE CONVERSATION: Throughout the book we included, “family discussion questions”. These segments are designed to help families have conversations about how to trust in God.

We are hoping to be able to give this away as an e-book version by mid October. Stay tuned…

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