A good friend of mine, Nick Blevins had the legendary Matt Mckee on his podcast to discuss his new book, Parent Chat. Matt recently released #parentchat to help equip parents on how to have conversations with their kids about technology. I believe it is important for all parents to continue to learn about the world that our kids live in without being afraid of it. Matt does a great job equipping parents on how to navigate this confusing and ever changing world without walking in fear. Nick does a great job interviewing Matt and bringing to the surface just a few of the great points in the book. This is a great Podcast that all parents should listen to and maybe even purchase the book. Here are a few of my takeaway points from the podcast. Click HERE to listen to the actual podcast.

PARENTS NEED TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: It’s not enough to simply ask our kids questions; “how was soccer, how was school, what did you learn…”. We need to ask them the right questions. According to Matt, the best questions are open-ended questions. Questions that start a conversation, not ones that simply get an answer.  In the podcast, Matt gives you some of these open-ended questions (link at the bottom of the page).

PARENTS NEED TO CREATE A PLAN: “Fail to plan is planning to fail”. It’s crucial for parents to create a rhythm in the conversations with their kids about what is acceptable online activity, what is not and why. Matt mentions in the podcast that parents need to establish an agreement with their kids of what is acceptable and what is not. Then develop a plan on how you will help them succeed. Matt references a great tool in helping parents implement their plan, The Circle with Disney. For more information about the Circle click Here

PARENTS NEED TO FOCUS ON REDEEMING TECHNOLOGY NOT BLINDLY REJECTING TECHNOLOGY: Unless your kids live in east bubba bubba-ville, they will spend the rest of their lives interacting with technology. Either we can reject it or find a way to redeem it. Admittedly there are some things in life that just need to be rejected. This does not mean that we should reject ALL things connected with technology simply because we do not understand them. Matt’s point is for parents to determine what is redeemable (with the right plan) and what needs to be rejected. Thankfully, Matt’s book is a great tool that helps parents discover how they can lead their children best when it comes to technology.

To listen to the actual podcast or to purchase Matt’s book, check out the links below. Thanks


NICK BLEVINS PODCAST: Click HERE to listen to Nick interview Matt about his new book, Parent Chat.  

PARENT CHAT BOOK: Get practical advice on how to keep the conversation about technology open with kidsClick HERE

THE CIRCLE WITH DISNEY: Check out the Circle as it has completely reimagined internet security. This is a must for every family!  Click HERE

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