Public and private schools play an important role within our community. For many families, the school systems are a source of hope and encouragement. Many families will turn to the school system for aid before reaching out to a local church. Kids will talk to counselors when they are struggling and families will reach out to the administration when they are in need. Admittedly, there are some major flaws with our current education system. There are also some great qualities that the church can and should champion. Our goal this year is to come along side 5-7 public schools and partner with them.  Our goal in partnership is simply to help them help others. So what does a partnership look like? How do we as a church partner with these schools? 
First, there are three areas that we want to focus on in our partnership. These are the three areas that we want to be a blessing to. 


MOBILIZE OUR FAMILIES:  Leverage parents to be champions in their child’s local school.  Instead of the church creating another program or event, we will leverage our “invested” families to build relationships and provide needed support to the local schools. You can read more about the specific ways YOU could be the answer HERE.

SERVE: We want to look for simple ways to meet the needs of our schools. 

  • Church Wide Campaigns: At least two times a year FBCJAX will do church wide campaigns to meet the needs of kids/families and the faculty. This could be providing backpacks and supplies for underprivileged kids, or shoes for kids who can’t afford them. We will also bless the faculty twice a year. This could be with back to school teacher supplies, coffee gift cards, or a Kona Ice party for all teachers.
  • ServeJAX Projects: Throughout the year we will leverage our ServeJAX projects to help improve the school facility. Working with school administration to determine their needs and resourcing our families and talents to meet those needs. 
  • Be Available: Finally, our family ministry staff is always available to help the school or families in any way possible. From leading parenting workshops, FCA, teacher workshops, or just praying for our local schools. 
If we want to have healthier schools then we have to have healthier kids and families, healthier faculty and better facilities. If we want to have better communities its starts by having healthier schools. We believe that “small things done with great love can change the world in great ways” (unknown author). We are not trying to tell school systems how to do their job (they are the experts) or force God back into the school system. We want simply love our schools with Gospel love of Jesus. Meet their needs and love them where they are. I believe that in order to have a voice you have to have a relationship. Too often we try to have a voice in the culture without having a relationship. 
How have you been able to partners with schools? What are some of the needs that you see that you/we could help meet? 

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