Why it’s valuable to be involved at your child’ school.

Are you currently involved at your child’s school? What if one of the most practical ways to show the love of God to our community was by you being involved at your child’s or children’s schools? 

If your family is anything like mine, it’s very easy to rush out the door in the morning with my son heading to school, swing through the kiss and drop lane (drop off), and not think about his school until it’s time to pick him back up. Of course I think about my son during the day. But do I think about the place and people that are helping shaping the person he will become? 
My wife was an educator prior to staying home with our two boys. I know first hand the struggles and challenges educators face on a day to day basis. As a result, our church is constantly looking for ways to bless our community and to help make it a little bit better. 
Here is the question that I have been wrestling with this summer… “What is the best method for showing the love of Jesus to our schools and community?” What if the most effective method was not a method at all. What if it was not another program or another budget line item? What if the solution was a person or a group of people? 
Pastor Jason once said, “If you want to know where God is calling you to serve, look where your feet are”. This is a great statement that should be a reminder that sometimes God wants to use you right where your are. Or maybe, where your kids are. 
This year our church, FBCJAX is partnering with 5 local schools. We want to be a blessing to the schools, the facility and to the families. We want their teachers to enjoy working at their school and families to love for their kids to go attend. We want to come alongside the administration and help honor the families and the teachers. So how do we do this???
The answer is simple… YOU! We want to mobilize our families to be present on their child’s school campus. When I met with our partnership schools, each principal stated that their greatest need was, “volunteers”, “good volunteers”. They need YOU! They need good parents to be apart of their PTO, to proctor tests, to monitor lunch room (so the teachers can have a break), to judge senior projects and to simply be available. They simply need YOU to say YES. They need you to say yes to whatever their need may be. Here are a few ways you can be a blessing and help us partner with our local schools.
BE AVAILABLE: Meet with the teacher, coach or school administrator to let them know they have a champion on their side who is willing to be available for whatever they need. Most teachers meet with parents for disciplinary reasons. Being available will be a great relief and could establish trust over time. Trust could lead to influence.
BE PRESENT: The more time parents are on campus the more they can be an encouragement to the staff and build trust. time + trust = influence. Including but not limited to, PTA, sub teaching, lunch room monitors before schools, proctors and office helper. As parents, we need to be present where our kids spend their time. Once we are available and present then we can have an influence.
As you prepare for your child or children to go back to school this year, will you consider reaching out to their schools and simply say, “how can I help you?” Will you say YES?

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