WILL YOU COMMIT TO BEING CONSISTENT? A few weeks ago I wrote about why every week matters in the life of a child/student. I received a lot of great feedback supporting #wklyMATTERS. If you missed it, you can catch up by clicking HERE to see why we believe consistency is so important in the life of a child/student. As we continue to move forward with creating consistent small groups for our FirstKids ministry environment, I need to ask you for a favor.

First, will your family commit attending the same service hour each week? I know, this is a big ASK. The life of a parent can be crazy. Sports, family activities, road trips, vacations, and beach days can make sticking to a single service hour challenging. Partnering with parents to disciple the next generation takes time. Relationships take time. It takes time for kids to trust their small group leaders, to feel comfortable with their small group and time for the small group leader to connect with the child.

In order to create consistent small groups in FirstKids, we need two things. First, Small Group leaders to serve every weekend in the same small group. Second, we need kids to attend the same service hour most weekends. Our team/staff have been working all summer to create consistent small group leaders. As we expected, most of our small group leaders are really excited about the switch and potential it brings. Now we need you, the parents to commit to a consistent worship hour and stick with it. This will allow our team to pull accurate data so that at the end of the summer so we can place kids in the appropriate small group based on their most frequently attend service hour. Our hope is that by the beginning of the school year we will have enough data to start placing our elementary kids into a consistent small group!!! Once we do, we will hold a special event where families get to meet their child’s small group leader and see their child’s environment.


1. WILL YOUR FAMILY COMMIT TO ATTENDING THE SAME SERVICE HOUR EACH WEEK?  I know that you can’t always attend that service hour because life happens. But, will you make a commitment to, if at all possible, attend that service hour? I encourage you to talk with your kids about your families decision. Explain to them why your family is making this investment. Get their buy in. Ask them which service they like the most. When they are involved in the conversation before the decision they are more likely to support the decision after the conversation.

2. WHAT CHALLENGES DOES THIS PRESENT FOR YOUR FAMILY? Our goal is to create the best possible environment’s for kids to be discipled. We believe this is achieved when the same small group leaders are investing in the same group of kids over time. Yes, sacrifices will have to be made by leaders, parent’s and families. But we believe the sacrifices are worth the reward.

This is something that we are very excited about and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to speak into the direction of the family ministry. Please leave your comments on the blog as it is easier for me to track and follow up with.

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