EVERY WEEK MATTERS!!! Leaders who want to have influence must commit to investing every week into the life of a child/student.
This summer, our Family Ministry (FM) is focusing on #wklyMATTERS. In an attempt to create a stronger small group culture in our FM environments, we will be moving all our small group leaders to a weekly schedule. Creating consistent leaders/volunteers in the life of a child is challenging. The most challenging part of volunteers is that they are volunteers. Volunteers don’t have to be present, they don’t have to be on time, they don’t have to let you know when they are not going to show up. Volunteers are volunteers. Likewise, the greatest benefit of volunteers is also the most challenging. Volunteers don’t have to be present but they choose to be. They don’t have to be on time but they choose to be (sometimes). They don’t have to let you know when they are not going to make it, but they choose to be. When volunteers chose to be present in the life of a child/student they gain a voice. They gain influence.
When I was in high school, I tried to wakeboard for the first time. It was a struggle, to say the least. Every time I tried to stand up, I would face plant. EVERY TIME! To make it worse, my neighbor then and wife now, got it on the first try… Thankfully, no-one gave up on me. Finally, after hours of failed attempts, I was able to stand up. You know what made the 10,000 try different than the rest? Nothing… Nothing was different. The captain did not drive the boat differently, I did not stand differently, the wake was not different. Everything was the same. Success only required consistency. This story is a simple way to illustrate that the most important things in life take time. Change take’s consistency. It takes committed people who are committed over time. Committed people + time = change.
Creating consistent small groups leaders is a challenge but one that we are willing to tackle because #wklyMATTERS.  Here are 3 reasons why I think, every week matters in the life of a child.


What we do over time can turn what seems ordinary, into something memorable. By showing up every week to lead a small group can change how a child/student views you. Consistency can move a small group leader from a dedicated church member to an advocate in their life. It has been said many times that children/students don’t care how much you know till they see how much you care. TIME is the greatest recipe for trust. Click To Tweet By showing up in the life of a child/student over time can give them the confidence to talk with you about their dad’s deployment, their insecurities, parents divorce, their new fling or even their desire to take their own life.


Over time, a leader can move from a once a month volunteer to a mentor or friend in the life of a child/student. Reggie Joiner holds a treasure chest of wisdom on this topic. He says, “Love by itself is just love. But when we love kids over time it can give a child worth and value. Fun by itself is just fun. But when you have fun with a child over time it gives the relationship depth and meaning. A small group is just a small group until your apart of it over time, then it becomes a community. Words are just words in the life of a child until you put them over time. Then they become messages that move people to a common direction.” Consistency in the life of a child can transform social interactions to meaningful relationships.


Everything we do at FBCJAX is driven to partner with families to disciple the next generation. We believe that no-one has more potential to influence a child than parent’s but they are not the only influence they need. A child/student needs Godly adults in their life championing the same values as the Gospel-centered families. We call this a partnership. Imagine that you are a parent of a 5-year-old. Each week you walk them to their environment. Each week you meet a different leader.  How would you feel? If that was my child, I would feel let down. I would feel nervous and doubtful that any real connection is being made. Now, imagine that every week, the same leader greeted your child by name. Every week the same leader invested in your child. How would you feel? As a parent, I would feel grateful and comfortable knowing that my child has a committed Godly adult in their life. I would also feel comfortable talking with them about my child’s success and struggles. I would feel comfortable allowing that leader to speak into my life. I would feel comfortable inviting them into my life because I have seen them show up over time. Our first method of partnering with families are our amazing small group leaders. The best way to partner with families is by small group leaders consistently showing up in the life of a child.
This is why what you do as leaders matters. This is why every week matters. When you invest in the life of a child every week, over time you can truly begin to connect with them.  Relationships take time. Whatever matters will matter more over time. It’s time to get serious about what we do with our time because every week matters in the life of a child/student. I would love to hear your thought about why you believe #wklyMATTERS. How has your life been impacted by someone consistently investing in you? Thanks!

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