One of the key values of our church is that we are a family-equipping church. Four years ago we switched from a silo ministry model to a family ministry model. We believed then and more so today that Gospel-centered families are the key to making disciples of the next generation. We see it as our responsibility to come alongside families to resource, encourage, and equip them to be the spiritual heroes in their kids’ lives. Over the years, we continue to improve on how we partner with our families. Here are our 5…

REGULAR FAMILY COMMUNICATION // Very simple, we want to inform families about what is happening here and that we are here for their family. “Very simple, we want families to know what is going on and we want families to know that we are here for them. We also want to ensure that we are communicating the why behind what we do”.  We can’t expect them to be involved with something they don’t know about. We also can’t expect them to be involved with something they don’t know the why behind. We use Fellowship ONE for our database management and email communication. We also leverage Facebook with daily/wkly reminders of their parent cues that are derived from the Parent Cue App (if you don’t have the Parent Cue App yet, get it HERE!)”

CONSISTENT SMALL GROUPS //  Small groups are quickly becoming our greatest tool for partnering with families. We are in the process of switching from a “first come first served” small group model to an ’assigned’ small group model. In the years past, children would be placed in a small group based on their grade. In most cases, we have several small groups for one grade (example, we might have four 1st grade small groups and three 5th grade small groups). Depending on who showed up when we would determine which group they were assigned to. We are in the process of assigning children (not students) to a small group based on the service their family most frequently attends. Our goal is to create a more consistent environment for a child. We believe that the more a small group leader is present in a child’s life, the more that child and family will trust their small group leader. It also better allows that small group leader to be able to speak into the life of the child and the family.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH // Community outreach is a way for us to partner with families that may never walk through the door of our church. It is our desire to be intentional about equipping the families of our city outside the church walls, not just inside. However, in the process of serving the families in our city, it also allows families within our church to serve together.  Great things can happen when a family serves together. Here are a few ways we reach the families of our city. *Some of these are still in development. But we are getting real close! 

•Local school partnerships

•Operation Christmas Child

•FirstKids Mini Play Camp

•Safe Families

•Other local partnerships include: The Kennedy Home, Onslow Pregnancy Center, and The Philippians Place.

EVENTS AND TRIPS // We try to leverage every aspect of our ministry environment to partner with parents. This includes events and trips. We host a few Family Worship Nights throughout the year that brings the entire family together for a fun time of worship. We also host two Family Talks a year that address specific issues that families may be facing during a specific season. Finally, camps and trips can greatly impact a child’s/student’s faith, as well as a child’s/student’s family.  We have seen countless numbers of families connected to our church because their child or student went to camp with us. When a child/student goes to camp, it is a family investment.

RESOURCES // Part of equipping families is to resource them with the best tools to parent for the glory of God. We love the Parent Cue App for parents of preschoolers and elementary children. The Parent Cue App gives families a customized blueprint for having faith conversations in their home on their level. The best part is, the App correlates with what their child is learning on the weekends! We also share articles, blog posts, and podcasts with our families via social media.

I would love to hear how your church partners with families! Thanks

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