Two weeks ago, our staff finished another round of our  G90’s. G90’s are a tool we created to help our staff identity and achieve the key areas of growth for the next 90 days. To read more about what G90’s are and why we do them click HERE
After every G90 season, I am reminded how important  goal setting is. One of the main reasons I love goal setting is they give you the motivation to accomplish what you once thought was unattainable. They give you the freedom to become a better person and leader.  Simply put, great goals stretch you past the normal. I know in my life, without goal setting I would never have had the courage to accomplish great things for God. Here are 3 tips I use for creating great goals. 

GREAT GOALS SHOULD MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE: Every great goal that I have set/accomplished has caused me to lean back in my chair and say,  “Can I really do that?” When my mind and body begin to tell me that I am crazy, then I know that I am getting close. Comfortable breeds contempt. Comfortable is ok for a season but not for all your seasons.  Once your goals begin to make you uncomfortable then you are forced to rely on something greater than your abilities.

GREAT GOALS CASUE YOU TO RELY ON GOD: There are many times that I look at the work load, the goals that we have set and feel inferior, intimidated and insecure. “I can’t do this, I am not smart enough, everyone won’t get on board, what if I fail.” These feelings of doubt force me to spend more time in prayer, worship and in the scriptures begging for God’s blessing and direction. Pastor Rick Warren rightly states that, “Any goal you set that causes you to trust God more, brings glory to God.” Great goals should stretch you outside your comfort zone and cause you to rely on the strength of God.  
GREAT GOALS ADVANCE THE LEADER AND THE MISSION: Goals are about growing. Growing the leader and the mission. Our staff sets goals to help advance the ministry. More often than not we learn that our goals cause the leader to grow just as much or more than the ministry.  Michael Hyatt has greatly impacted how I view goals. He states in his blog that goals are “about the journey as much as—even more than—the destination.”

Do you set goals? If so, how have they helped you and your ministry or business grow? If not, then what goals could you set for the next 90 days? 

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