The Parent Cue App is an incredible tool that cues parents (preschoolers and elementary) to have meaningful faith conversations with their children. So, what is the best way to use the app? Here are a two suggestions.

CREATE A PLAN: Plan certain days to discuss key truths with your kids. Ideally, we would have meanigul conversations every day at the same time. Unfortunately life does not work this way. The good news is, the Parent Cue App gives you a plan. The following is a schedule of when new content is released.

Sunday: Drive Time Wonder Videos and Songs
Monday: Cuddle Time Prayer
Wednesday: Bath Time Activity
Friday: Play Time Activity


Sunday: Drive Time videos
Tuesday: Meal Time discussion guides

Thursday: Hang Time activity

Friday: Bed Time story

STICK TO THE PLAN: The best plans are the ones that we stick to. Too often we give up on great things. Our goal is to help you create healthy rhythms in your child’s life. Simple truths over time have the ability to shape a child’s view of themselves and Jesus. We believe in teaching less with moreTo cut through the communication noise your kids encounter we strive to teach fewer things over a period of time for a greater impact.

I hope this app is a great blessing for your family. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. Thanks

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