One of the things that I am most thankful for are our incredible volunteers. Our volunteers are the secret sauce to why our kids and students love church. Each month I will celebrate an amazing volunteer that serves in our family ministry. We like to catch leaders who are doing great things and celebrate them.
Each week we have over 300 volunteers sacrificing their time to partner with families by sharing Jesus with kids on their level. We believe that great leaders have the ability to remind kids of their significance, their created value and to introduce them to a God that is bigger than their problems. Great leaders are important to the success of the church and kingdom! The truth is, “Children are looking for someone who will stand up and say, follow me as I follow God.” – Jim Wideman
Let me introduce you to, Cassi Pharis.
Cassi serves as our Children’s admin team lead and also serves as a 1st grade leader on Saturday nights. She leads the team that preps all of our curriculum supplies during the week, prepares the bins for the weekend and keeps an inventory of what we need to purchase each month, etc. She also schedules volunteers and helps coordinate subs when leaders are out. In the words of our Childrens Director, Leah, “I couldn’t do half of what I do in Ampd without her.”
Cassi is not only a great volunteer because of what she does but because of who she is. Serving is not something that she has to do it is something that she gets to do. Every week Cassi walks past my office with her stroller and kids ready to serve. She loves what she does and we at FBCJX are very thankful for her and the countless number of leaders like her!

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