Our Family Ministry recently adopted a saying from our friends at KidSpring and created a promotion called #Jesusontheirlevel. #Jesusontheirlevel represents our churches desire to have every child experience the gospel of Jesus in a way that they can relate with. In order to do so, we strive to create the very best ministry environments where every child can experience the amazing love of Jesus – on their level and in their language. Here are four ways we accomplish #Jesusontheirlevel.
  1. FUN: Church should never be boring! We want kids to be excited about church, worship and small groups. Our staff and volunteers dedicate countless hours determining how best to create fun environments where kids can laugh, sing and play. It’s impossible for a leader to know all the struggles a kid is facing at home, what fears they may have or what doubts they may have about themselves. FUN can break down those walls and prepare them them to experience a God that is bigger than their fears and doubts.
  2. SAFE: One of our highest values is child safety. With our secure computerized check-in process, policies, procedures and highly trained volunteers; we strive to proved the safest environments possible so every parent can feel comfortable allowing us to speak into their child’s life.
  3. GOSPEL CENTERED: The gospel is at the center of everything we do in FirstKids. The entire goal of #Jesusontheirlevel is for kids to grasp how the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the greatness news in the whole world.
  4. GREAT LEADERS: Great leaders are the secret ingredient to #Jesusontheirlevel. SHHHHHHHHH! Every weekend we have over 300 volunteers serving in various forms to ensure that every child is known and that every child know that they are loved. We believe that kids don’t care how much we know till they see how much we care about them. The gospel comes alive in the life of a child when they see that someone cares about them.

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