Staff Reviews: How we do them…

Staff Reviews: How we do them…

A few years ago, I realized we were missing a crucial tool for maintaining a health ministry and staff in our family ministry – an effective staff evaluation process. Oddly enough, this is the very thing that causes most people to cringe. I am one of the few people that loves to be reviewed, at least professionally. I love for other leaders to speak into my leadership. Where am I succeeding, where am I struggling, what do they identify in me that I need to improve or avoid? I believe personal and professional reviews are crucial for maintaining a healthy spiritual life and ministry. After a few different failed attempts, we created a staff review process that we love called, G90 Reviews. Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Advantage has really impacted our review process. Check it out HERE.

G90 Reviews are designed to help our staff establish GOALS that allow them to accomplish the requirements of their job more affectively. G90 reviews focus on a ministry leaders ability to grow as a leader in area’s of goal setting and accomplishment. It also allows the leadership to properly identify where staff are excelling and/or struggling to better lead them. In short, G90 Reviews ensure the ministry and ministry leaders continue to advance for the glory of God.

Here is a quick snap shot of our G90 Review process:


•All goal’s need to be measurable. I have learned that it is very difficult to evaluate what you cannot measure.

•All reviews focus on bettering the person and the position. It’s my desire that all of our staff become more like the image of Christ and become more effective leaders when they leave our staff/church. G90 Reviews give me the opportunity to hit pause on working on the ministry and pour into those working in the ministry. I love our staff and value taking time to encourage and equip them.

•Reviews are on average 60 min with myself and our Family Ministry Coordinator.

4 Questions: These four questions are be used to guide the discussion. Team members come prepared to provide detailed explanations in order to cultivate a healthy discussion.

1. HOW HAVE YOU SEEN GOD MOVE IN YOUR MINISTRY ENVIRONMENT AND WHAT IS GOD TEACHING YOU FROM HIS WORD?  If we are not staying spiritually full, then we will never be able to be the leaders that God has allowed us to be. “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us… (Hebrews 12:1). 

2. DID YOU ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS? Review the last G90 goals. Were the previous goals accomplished, what was difficult, what did they teach you and what are the results of the accomplished goals? How so?

3. WHAT GOALS ARE YOU GOING TO ACCOMPLISH NEXT? What do you want to see God do in the next 90 days? We will work together to establish healthy goals. Staff come prepared with possible goals (3-5) to discuss. Keep in mind that effective goals are qualitative and quantitative so they can be measured. We also discuss their plan to achieve their new goals and how I can support them.

4. HOW CAN YOU IMPROVE AS A LEADER?  Self assessment – these are personal areas of improvement  that they would like leadership to help with?

The truth is, G90 Reviews are as much for me as they are for them. Every review I am reminded of how inadequate I am as a leader to handle what God has entrusted to me. They cause me to recenter myself on the strength of God not my abilities.

Volunteer Shout Out

Volunteer Shout Out

One of the things that I am most thankful for are our incredible volunteers. Our volunteers are the secret sauce to why our kids and students love church. Each month I will celebrate an amazing volunteer that serves in our family ministry. We like to catch leaders who are doing great things and celebrate them.
Each week we have over 300 volunteers sacrificing their time to partner with families by sharing Jesus with kids on their level. We believe that great leaders have the ability to remind kids of their significance, their created value and to introduce them to a God that is bigger than their problems. Great leaders are important to the success of the church and kingdom! The truth is, “Children are looking for someone who will stand up and say, follow me as I follow God.” – Jim Wideman
Let me introduce you to, Cassi Pharis.
Cassi serves as our Children’s admin team lead and also serves as a 1st grade leader on Saturday nights. She leads the team that preps all of our curriculum supplies during the week, prepares the bins for the weekend and keeps an inventory of what we need to purchase each month, etc. She also schedules volunteers and helps coordinate subs when leaders are out. In the words of our Childrens Director, Leah, “I couldn’t do half of what I do in Ampd without her.”
Cassi is not only a great volunteer because of what she does but because of who she is. Serving is not something that she has to do it is something that she gets to do. Every week Cassi walks past my office with her stroller and kids ready to serve. She loves what she does and we at FBCJX are very thankful for her and the countless number of leaders like her!
Jesus on Their Level

Jesus on Their Level


Our Family Ministry recently adopted a saying from our friends at KidSpring and created a promotion called #Jesusontheirlevel. #Jesusontheirlevel represents our churches desire to have every child experience the gospel of Jesus in a way that they can relate with. In order to do so, we strive to create the very best ministry environments where every child can experience the amazing love of Jesus – on their level and in their language. Here are four ways we accomplish #Jesusontheirlevel.
  1. FUN: Church should never be boring! We want kids to be excited about church, worship and small groups. Our staff and volunteers dedicate countless hours determining how best to create fun environments where kids can laugh, sing and play. It’s impossible for a leader to know all the struggles a kid is facing at home, what fears they may have or what doubts they may have about themselves. FUN can break down those walls and prepare them them to experience a God that is bigger than their fears and doubts.
  2. SAFE: One of our highest values is child safety. With our secure computerized check-in process, policies, procedures and highly trained volunteers; we strive to proved the safest environments possible so every parent can feel comfortable allowing us to speak into their child’s life.
  3. GOSPEL CENTERED: The gospel is at the center of everything we do in FirstKids. The entire goal of #Jesusontheirlevel is for kids to grasp how the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the greatness news in the whole world.
  4. GREAT LEADERS: Great leaders are the secret ingredient to #Jesusontheirlevel. SHHHHHHHHH! Every weekend we have over 300 volunteers serving in various forms to ensure that every child is known and that every child know that they are loved. We believe that kids don’t care how much we know till they see how much we care about them. The gospel comes alive in the life of a child when they see that someone cares about them.
A Must Have for Parents – Internet Safety Reimagined

A Must Have for Parents – Internet Safety Reimagined

Parents, we all know of the dangers that our kids and the next generation face while spending time online. The internet can be a great tool for growth but it can also expose our kids to inappropriate content. The challenge that most parents face is how to monitor their online usage, filter the content that they are exposed to while also leveraging the good. Thankfully Circle has come up with a solution. This week Circle released their new device that lets parents manage screen time and filter content for every device in the home while also giving users access to digital entertainment from Disney.

Circle with Disney is a tool that helps parents stay informed about their kids’ online activities and limit screen time on every device in the home, including smart phones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. Circle with Disney pairs with home Wi-Fi and gives parents the ability to filter content, set a bedtime for devices, and even completely pause the Internet. Each user’s profile and settings can be completely customized based on age and parents’ preferences.

Key features of Circle with Disney include: 

TIME LIMITS: Families can set daily Time Limits on any app or content category they want. With Time Limits, families can customize how much time their kids spend on each platform and set a total online time for the day.

FILTER: Families can set individual filter levels for each family member. Circle with Disney has four preset age-levels and allows for further customization by platform, app, website, and content category. Families can choose a filter that matches each user’s age and interests, filtering out inappropriate content.

INSIGHTS: Families can stay informed about where their kids spend their online time―by platform, category and website. Circle with Disney allows families to see a member’s total time spent online and the sites visited.

PAUSE THE INTERNET: With the press of a button, families can pause the Internet, disabling access to a specific device, individual, or the entire home.

BEDTIME™: Families can create a BedTime™ for each family member and their devices. Simply set a sleep time, when the devices will disconnect from the Internet, and an awake time, for the morning when the devices will reconnect.

GUEST DEVICES: Circle with Disney recognizes when a guest joins the home’s Wi-Fi and can apply a family’s home settings to visitors’ devices.

BLOCK ADS: Circle with Disney can block ads for any user’s devices.

EVERY DEVICE: Circle with Disney knows every single device connected to a family’s network (smart phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles) and gives families the ability to manage each.

For more information or to PURCHASE, click HERE!

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