Here is a quick update concerning 20/Twenty from our d0/Twenty Director, Alex Clark…

In the past five months we have seen our partnership with Phillippians Place really take shape. It has been incredible to watch a generation really step up and desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our surrounding community. Last week we witnessed hundreds of kids at VBS jump into what God is dong through 20twenty and Phillippians Place. Last week alone they raised close to $4,000!!!!! They also brought in 321 canned food items along with 92 pasta items to stock the shelves at the Phillippians Place apartments for all of the people they will be moving in soon. Since 20twenty was launched in late March we have given close to $7,000 to Phillippains Place. This money has gone towards sponsoring a female who is currently residing in Phillippians Place and the money that was raised at VBS will go towards buying stoves and pots & pans for all of the apartments. 20twenty is just beginning and we cannot wait to see all that God does through our partnership with Phillippians Place.

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Alex Clark

20/twenty director

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