It’s hard to believe that summer is almost here! As our Family Ministries are getting ready for an amazing summer I wanted to encourage your family to plan an intentional summer. I have a saying that I have been using for years in ministry, “Plan NOW for where you want to end”. As this relates to our families we should be intentional in our planning for how we want our children to finish. Take a few moments to think about these questions, then start planning now for how you want them to end. Plan now for the person that you want them to be when they leave home.

  • what do you want them to value when they leave home?
  • what do you want them to be equipped to do when they leave home?
  • what do you want them to believe when they leave home?
  • what do you want them to value when they leave home?
  • what kind of person do you want them to be when they leave home?


I believe that the summer season is the best time for families to pour into the lives of their children to shape them into the person that they want them to become. This means that we have to be intentional in our planning and parenting. Here are a couple of questions for you as you plan your summer…

  • What is your goal for your family this summer? Set an obtainable goal that allows you to get one step closer to “raising up your children in they way that they should go” (Prov.22:6). Maybe this summer you want to focus on the importance of missional serving, family discipleship, or just creating Gospel centered memories.
  • How does your summer plans help reach your goal’s? This question could cause you to make some tough decisions. Let’s say this year your family has decided to focus on the importance of missional serving. Serving those who are in need (Matthew 25:35-40). This may mean that instead of simply going to the beach for the annual family vacation to hang out at the resort that you find mission opportunities in the city that you are going or change plans and do a family mission trip instead. Few things will drawl your family closer than a family mission trip.
  • How does your work schedule help accomplish your win? This one hurts a little even for myself. I am a guy who would work every day of the week if allowed to. But the same way that I establish a healthy schedule at work to help reach my goals, I should be even more driven to do the same with my family. This may mean that during the summer I take more time off to be with the family, go in early so I can be home sooner or that I take on less large projects so I can be home more. Plan now for the end.



My final encouragement would be to make weekly memories: Our family has not taken many “family vacations” instead we have chosen to make weekly memories. There is nothing wrong with family vacations just make sure not to substitute one week for a pattern of pouring into your families life. Go to the beach, have movie on the lawn nights, pizza nights, date nights with the kids and spouse, serving day, park day…

As I prepare for a super busy summer I am committed to making time for my family and it all begins with planning an intentional summer.

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