Last night we had over 120 parents come and hang out for our parent night at the church. We had a fun time talking about how we as parents can help protect our children’s purity. If you were not able to make it, here is a quick overview of what was discussed. 

How Can I Help Protect my Child’s Purity? (5 Ways)

TalkING // Have the talk’s. Don’t have the talk just 1 time. Pick a date that you are willing to begin having an ongoing conversation about their purity, God’s design for their life and God’s design for sex. When you have the talks, don’t focus on the DONT”S, focus on the why questions. The why questions Shepard the heart. 

Know // What they do online and where they are online. Their online activity shows their hearts desires. Its difficult to parent if we dont know what to parent. Questions to consider: 

    • What restrictions do you have on your computer and on their phones? 
    • What apps do they have and use?
    • Do they have their own iTunes account or is it synced to yours? 
    • What email address do they have established? 
    • Who are they chatting with online?

Control: Control the devises. Establish a healthy plan for when and where internet usage is allowed in your home that promotes purity. 

Monitor: Monitor what they are doing online. Here are two great recourses for monitoring your child’s/family 

  • SafeEyes:
  • X3 Watch:

Educate/empower: Constantly be looking for ways to educate and empower your children on how to protect their purity. Show them how to be safe online, educate them on the profound effects of pornography and most importantly show them God’s incredible plan for their life. 

If you or your family would like to have a follow up session with one of our pastors or ministers please give us a call at 910-455-2700. 

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