Last night was week two in our teaching called Let’s Talk, Unleashed. Week two focused on how middle schoolers and high schoolers can fight to live pure lives in such a hyper sexual culture. As parents, you are fully aware that everyday the world tries to pull teens away from God’s design for their life. We focused on three ways students can fight for purity in their lives. Hate It – Starve It – Plan It. 

Hate It // Hatred of sin is critical to putting to death our sin. We have to devlope a hatred of how our sin offends God not how our sin affects us. 

Starve It // Every enemy loses when you cut off their food supply. In order for something to grow it has to have food or fuel. Sin is the same way. We have to limit what we see and what we allow to feed us.

Plan It // Predict how the enemy will act and prevent him from getting there. We have to have a plan for remaining pure and battling sexual purity mainly in three areas. 

  1. Prevent : Ask, how can I prevent from giving into temptation.
  2. Oops: Ask, If I give into temptation and sin what do I need to do? 
  3. Prevent: Ask, how can I prevent from giving into that sin again? 

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